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Professional Development


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Evolution Kids Tennis


Growing Healthier Clubs

PTC is now providing and promoting the Evolution Kids Tennis program with select clubs and facilities around the U.S. Evolution provides a meaningful framework for coach education and competition, helping to drive both participation and performance. Every activity has a clearly defined and connected purpose which integrates competition, lessons practice and social activities. Using Evolution means growing, creating healthier clubs and better places to play for young children through the provision of quality experiences in every area of club activity. 

The Complete Program

Evolution is the first truly complete, child centered, tennis program. It provides guidance and resources to support developmentally appropriate competition, tactical and technical instruction, athletic development, competitive skills, practice, social activities and support for parents. In fact, every element of development for young players has been included from 3 to 12. Children progress through a skill-based curriculum and pathway of appropriate competitions but also are recognized by a unique motivational system that provides rewards for core behaviors like respect, effort, problem solving and dealing with adversity. 

Global Network

Sign up to EKT/PTC and you will become part of a network of facilities and nations that are evolving their programs and creating the very best practice in developing young players. You will have access to our team of world experts but also the chance to interact and share experience with other EKT coaches from around the world. Our clubs value their involvement in the network as much as access to the program itself.

Creating Success

One of the core missions of Evolution is to help young people develop the behaviors that will support them in their life ahead. They may have a dream to make their future on the tennis court or just be playing to stay active and make friends. Whatever their motivation we place a high priority recognizing and rewarding behaviors through our unique system of cards and bands, including respect, effort, being an active learner and dealing with adversity and challenge. 

This system is included in every element of Evolution  helping to reinforce the connection between all parts of the program.

Competition The Right Way

We believe that great competitions, that are developmentally appropriate, are the cornerstone of a great program, so we train each club to run the most exciting and engaging club-based tournaments for kids. These events includes both on court and off court activities plus ideas on how to make event child friendly and are themed on the six countries used in the tour. Resources include a manual, editable posters, code of conduct, stickers, passports, lanyards, wrist bands and parent resources. 

In addition our World Tour awards help players and parents to see competition as a tennis journey rather than a comparative process, motivating more young players to stay in competition.

Program Management

Running a great program is not just about what we do on the court, so EKT/PTC are there to support your program every step of the way.  From marketing to finances, recruitment to reporting we know that having a successful program means looking after the numbers as well as looking after the players and parents

Speaking and presenting opportunities

Specialty Courses

Increasing your participation and retention in adult and junior coaching! Have another topic?

Need a 4 hour specialty course at your next professional development event? Scott gets Amazing Reviews!! Have another topic, let Scott know?

Adult and Junior Coaching

We build relationships which is why we are so successful

Scott has 30 years of coaching from beginner adults and juniors to some of the nations top ranked juniors. Contact Scott to cover a variety of topics for you and your conference or staff development.  Scott will engage everyone in attendance. Conferences or staff development at your club available. 

Career Pathway and Management

Teamwork that gets results

Scott is getting rave reviews for his career pathway and management presentations. Contact him to speak at your USPTA, PTR or USTA conferences! Scott is also available to work directly with you and your staff.

Our Partners- Past and Current

Where we have provided our services


New Partners-



Manage your entire club all in one place! Seamlessly!  Software that makes life easier for tennis club management, staff & players. 

Analytics that give you control!!!

Revolution Vitra S1


Designed to meat the needs of Clubs, resorts and hotels. It is a perfect solution for a coffee service in your tennis shop or welcome center that has the best coffee with an amazingly easy to use system

Corvuss American Academy


Scott Mitchell brings the Premier Tennis Academy Development program to the student athletes of Corvuss. The PTA Junior Development Program is a comprehensive development pathway including the 12- and-under Evolution Kids Tennis followed by the Premier Tennis Academy program.  The PTA Junior Development Program is built on a foundation of progressions. Each program focuses on specific instructions, competition, social interaction and various opportunities for practice.

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Professional Development with Scott- Coaching the Coaches

Scott is considered an industry leader in first-class facility and professional tournament management, junior and adult coaching, and program design and implementation. He has been an Executive Director of Tennis with 28 years’ experience at private clubs, public facilities and resorts.  

Become a great doubles player- Short DVD

Your members are hearing the same thing week in, and week out. Scott will work with you and your facility to set up 1, 2 or 3 day events at your place. Your members will be talking about this for months to come. Let Scott work with you to provide drills with elements such as these discussed in his short DVD.

Facility Design

Courtside design

Amazing looking facility designs

Our largest project to date redesigned all the awnings, outdoor seating around the courts and added pavers to the largest residential clay court facility in the U.S. 

Outdoor Lounge Design

we design areas for your customers to enjoy and hang out

We help facilities turn their outdoor space into a place to hang out. Our biggest project was at The Landings Club where we redesigned the outdoor lounge and all seating around their large 34 court facility.

Tennis Shop Design

Our professional designs are first rate

We help facilities create great member/ customer experiences and it all starts with their welcome centers and tennis shops. 

Additional Amenities

Pickleball, we have designed and implemented programs and facilities

We understand that facilities offer a wide variety of amenities these days to retain and grow their membership. We have worked with several facilities to add pickleball and bocce to their court sports programs.


Landscape design is another area we do extremely well

We work with facilities to reimagine what their landscaping could look like and provide an assessment and pathway to creating amazing new spaces.

Court Lights

LED lights that light up your facility and tennis/ pickleball courts

Our largest two projects, The Landings Club and the Greater Midland Tennis Center, saw an opportunity for both of these facilities to completely change the way they offered lighting to their members. They now have seen the amazing results we can help provide..