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Premier Tennis Academy

PTA Junior Development Program


PTA is committed to providing the most complete, comprehensive Tennis Development program for young athletes around the world. 

 The PTA Junior Development Program is a complete development pathway including 12- and- under and our Premier Tennis Academy Program. The PTA Junior Development Program will give your child the most comprehensive tennis experience possible. 

Evolution Kids Tennis


It is the most complete kids' tennis program ever developed. EKT has built stages for the players to move through and managing the environment very carefully we have created a structure that will help young players maximize their potential while achieving success at every stage. We focus on these key elements throughout the pathway of development.


*Tactical & Technical Development *Athletic Skill Development *Competitive Development *Social Opportunities                     

Premier Tennis Academy


PTC provides the Premier Tennis Academy as our players develop through the Evolution Kids Tennis Program. PTA prepares students to continue becoming players, rather than hitters with a focus on the 5-play situation of tennis. Baseline play, serve, return, transitioning forward and your opponents transitioning forward. 


We will continue to focus and develop all our players through these aspect of the game.

*Tactical & Technical Development through play *Athletic Skill Development *Competitive Development *Data Analytics that drive development *Fitness Testing (USTA fitness model) *Food and Nutrition