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Golden Rules of Success


1.Make our members Raving Fans. 

2.Your daily attitude- Our members and staff should not be subjected to, and do not care if you are having a “bad day.”

3.You will never have a second chance to make a first impression. 

4.You have two ears and one mouth. All successful employees use them in this proportion

5.As staff we can disagree, debate, and have differing opinions about issues behind closed doors, but to members and additional staff, we are 100% supportive of one another. 

6.All tasks that are assigned to you must be done to the best of your ability, in a timely fashion, or not done at all. 

7.All successful staffs take member complaints personally! All complaints are to be addressed with direct communication within 24 hours.   

8.Successful staffs are honest, ethical, have a strong work ethic, and care deeply about the success of their Club. 

9.Successful staff must always be open to new ideas, study their competition readily, stay educated on the latest trends, and make sure that apathy, complacency or taking any task for granted does not ever occur. Yesterday’s standard of excellence is not good today.

10.Praise your fellow staff at least twice as much as you critique or criticize. Written notes of praise to staff members should be done often.

11.Successful staff always realize that their position at the Club does not give them any preferential treatment that all other staff doesn’t enjoy. 

13.Rules must be followed especially as they pertain to core values or safety. You can rule with an iron fist, but you must wear a velvet glove. 

14.Successful staff answers all voice mail and e-mail prior to leaving work or starting work the next day, 24-hour rule. Written goals should be a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly part of your career.

15.. Love your job with a passion or seek a career path that makes you happy.

16.Be available for your family and the people you love in your life. Travel the world, take all your vacation time, be active with charitable organizations, and have a fulfilling life.

Updates on Facilities and Tournaments

Templeton and CCTC


If you are looking for an amazing tennis weekend for your ladies team or a "get-away" with your spouse in the heart of wine country, you need to look no further than Templeton Tennis Ranch. It has so much to offer from Tennis, Pickleball, Fitness, Wellness and a great cafe. 

I have spent some quality time there working with their team on growing their Women's Pro Tennis Event in September into the coolest event in September on the Central Coast. It is an absolute must to attend with such a neat environment and so much to do and see.

I have also spent some time with their team working on growing their tennis facility into a very special and sustainable business over the next few years. They have such an amazing group of individuals that have passion in what they are doing. We spent our time focused on the three "P's" People, Process and Product. I believe this team will do great things in the years to come. We are only beginning the process!!!

Announce coming events


We have some big announcements to come in the next few weeks so please stay tuned. Some of the most recent announcements are

* We are providing and promoting the Evolution Kids Tennis Program with select facilities around the U.S. If you are interested in more information please reach out to me so I can get you additional information.

* We are excited to have signed a long term agreement with Templeton Tennis Ranch to work with them on their Women's Pro Tennis Tournament and their facility operations team.

Innisbrook Resort and the U.S. Women's Clay Court Championships


We are thrilled to have a long term agreement in place to be working with the amazing people at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. I will be the Tournament Director as well as consult with the staff, volunteers, committees and members to increase the visibility, sponsorship opportunities, outreach programs, community engagement and entertainment at this first rate Women's pro tennis event. We could not be happier to be joining their team.

PTC is International!!


We are now providing services around the world! We are thrilled to be the tennis partner for Corvuss American Academy in India. We will be providing the curriculum, staff and overall operations of the tennis program at the only all academic and sport academy in India!

Share the big news with us


Do you have a facility, pro tennis tournament or a large event that you want us to partner with? Don't keep it to yourself, let u know.



Soon to come!!